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I source the globe to bring you exceptional examples of the natural and ancient elements I employ to embellish my collections - ammonites and strawberry top shells from Madagascar, apophyllites from India, beehive shells from Hawaii, amethyst clusters and lemurian points from South America. Countless of these are also known across many cultures and histories for their famous metaphysical and healing properties, adding yet another fascinating layer.

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Amethyst

Natural clusters sourced from Brazil. Promotes calm, balance, happiness and peace

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Ammonite Fossil

Ammonite Fossil
100 to 400 million year old fossil which draws in negative energy to help promote health, prosperity and success

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Apophyllite

Natural pyramid structure, noted for its reflective interior and helping in meditation and strengthening consciousness

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Beehive Shells

Beehive Shells
Sourced from Hawaii and prized for their beautiful striation

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Cinnerus Shells

Cinnerus Shells
Sourced from Madagascar and polished to reveal their pearlescent interior

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Coral Cabochons

Coral Cabochons
Natural Mushroom coral which has been hand-painted or gold-leafed

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Fluorite

One of its natural shapes is the octahedron and the colors range from a soft white to a deep purple (with greens and blues in between). Helps promote mental clarity and reduces negative energy

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Labradorite

Reduces stress and anxiety and promotes balance and general protection with its spectrum of iridescent colors

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Traditional stone of royalty, Promotes mental clarity,inner strength and aids in manifesting

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz
A special quartz crystal point that helps to promote individual potential and our connection to all that is around us and each other

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Orthoceras Fossil

Orthoceras Fossil
350 to 500 million year old polished fossils which promote success and wisdom

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Rock Crystal (Quartz)

Rock Crystal (Quartz)
Promotes clarity and balance, dispelling negative energy. Protective stone enhancing spiritual growth, Inspiration and creativity

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
The love stone, promotes unconditional love, a strong sense of self-worth and helps to lower stress

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Sea Urchin Spines

Tiger Urchin Spines
These naturally striped Tiger Urchin spines strengthen the spirit, wisdom, abundance and promotes a balanced and purposeful life

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Snail Shells

Snail Shells
Bridges the gap between Earth and Water. Represents the cycle of life and phases of the moon. Enhances abundance and protection

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Strawberry Top Shells

Strawberry Top Shells
Naturally colored shells sourced from Madagascar

Hayes Hamilton Elements:  Trochus Shells

Trochus Shells
Naturally speckled shells sourced from as far away as Australia and the Red Sea


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